Dental Festival Tips!

I’m a huge advocate for festivals and events. Though I’ve only been to 4, it feels like I’ve been to hundreds. And a couple of events were absolutely life changing.

When going on multi-day camping trips like this to be around an absolutely amazing crowd of people, though, preparation is key. I came across quite a few people last year who didn’t bring one item or another. Luckily, the community aspect of Bonnaroo is incredible and you can find just about anything from someone who is willing to borrow it to you (which is very likely).

When it comes to dental health and hygiene at a festival, though, you definitely want to pack the essentials. This goes for the snacks you take (dentist approved!) and your cleaning supplies.

Here are a few healthy snacks that are also great for your teeth.

Applesauce to-go packets.

These were spectacular last year. They’re full of nutrients, easy to consume, and small enough to carry anywhere in your pack. Get your sugar levels up with these while consuming practically no calories.

Trail mix.

As “bland” as some people consider this snack, it’s very healthy for your body and teeth. Trail mix is great for filling you up and reenergizing you when you start to feel the hunger pangs creep up. And since nuts make up the majority of trail mix, it’s great at self cleaning your teeth while you chew them.


Jerkyyyy. This has got to be the best snack out of any in my own biased opinion. Not only does jerky cost little to make on your own, it’s so perfect during the dead summer when you need some great flavor and a boost of energy.

As for some tips on bringing your cleaning supplies along, look no further. Your mouth will be as clean as ever while at a festival camping even if the rest of your body is just a tad sweaty.

Travel tube of toothpaste.

Along with your brush, a small tube is practically inconspicuous and takes up zero room. No harm here keeping up on your brushing routine.

Flossing picks.

You only need to bring a handful for the weekend, but it keeps you on top of your flossing and removes any of that jerky or those nuts you were snacking on during the day!

Mini mouthwash.

If you’re wanting your mouth to feel fresher than ever, bring along this without a doubt. It’ll help when you don’t have time to stop and brush your teeth, too. At the very least, you’re killing off some bacteria.


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